Substitute for Yogurt

Nogurt – A Delicious Alternative to Yogurt People Should Know About

These days, very few people have the time to eat healthy meals due to their fast-paced life and workload. The same can be said about the kids as well. However there are health conscious mothers try feeding their children with food like yogurt. But dairy and soy yogurts do not suit everyone.

As a result of our modern diets, many adults and children are falling prey to severe and chronic ailments not common just a generation ago. Many of these ailments are actually caused by modern eating habits. That is one reason why more and more doctors are advising people to adopt an organic diet free from processed soy and dairy.

Organic foods are useful for everyone. Organic foods contain all the essential nutrients that people find in conventional foods. Unlike conventional foods, they do not harm the environment when they are grown. Organic foods which are also free from soy, dairy, wheat and nuts are not likely to cause food related allergies in those who eat them. Soy-free foods are also free from plant-based hormones found in soy which doctors now strongly avoid consuming. What many people do not know is that food allergies and intolerances can lead to the formation of severe ailments later in a person’s life. A worthy option is embracing an organic diet free of common food allergens and incorporating organic alternatives of traditional food in one’s life.

For those adults and kids who cannot tolerate dairy or soy yogurts, there is reason to rejoice. A new Yogurt Alternative is available. People who cannot or should not eat dairy or soy yogurts but want to get the benefits of yogurt should try vegan Nogürt.

Nogürt provides all the benefits of typical yogurts and so much more. As a matter of fact, eating a cup of yummy Nogürt provides you with four vital strains of probiotics. Nogürt is a wonderful source the essential fatty acid DHA and a number of minerals and vitamins and other ingredients proven to promote digestive health. Nogürt can be eaten with breakfast, as a snack or as part of a main meal.

Nogürt is a Vegan Yogurt substitute and is free of all soy, dairy, gluten, eggs, common food allergens or nuts. People who love organic yogurt will like Organic Orange and Organic Blueberry Nogürt. Nogürt is lowfat, devoid of cholesterol and saturated fat and has very low sodium content. The kids will devour the Organic Pomegranate flavor. Another alternative is the Organic Chocolate. It has the goodness of iron, fiber and magnesium.

Nogürt tastes amazing. It does not contain any harmful elements at all. Even people who suffer from digestive problems find it suitable for their constitution. It serves as a delicious snack for the family and people from any age group can eat it without worrying about any adverse effects.

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