Substitute for Oil

Can Natural Gas Be a Substitute for Crude Oil?

For the past century the whole world has been conquered by Crude oil which has become the most wanted commodity the world over. Without the crude oil the daily activities of life would really come to a standstill. Such is the dominance of the crude oil that it has really cast a spell on the world’s population. But with the over use of the crude oil, the oil exploration companies in some countries are finding it really hard to keep up with the growing demands and satisfy the users.

This tells very much of the surge in the oil prices all over the world during the past few years and hence has forced the crude oil exporting countries to increase their daily production. The global warming due to the green house effect caused by the carbon dioxide emission from the automobiles has made the environmentalists and also the governments of the countries worldwide become jittery. This was as research proved due to the over usage of the Crude oil which was still now considered as the most precious commodity. This forced the scientists and the energy experts worldwide to conduct more research to find out the alternatives for replacing the crude oil as a fuel, for the various domestic and industrial applications.

It was with this motive that the researchers did studies on natural gas and found its benefits when compared to the crude oil. It was found that Natural gas is made of mainly the methane gas which is a hydrocarbon. The main advantage of natural gas is that the degree of carbon and other particulate emissions caused by burning this fossil fuel, is very minimal when compared to any other type of fossil fuels.

This indeed has made the experts to really rate the natural-gas as the best among fuels that preserves Mother Nature as well. Due to this reason, the demand for the natural-gas has increased in the world wide market, with more and more people turning to natural gas as the right alternative which can really replace the crude oil, which had been the ruler of the world markets.

It till now had been considered secondary when compared to the crude oil. But the present trend for the demand of the natural gas very clearly shows that, there could be a really stiff competition between these two types of fossil fuels in the coming years. It exploring and drilling companies are now directly providing its users which comprises the domestic and industrial users, with an unlimited supply of this precious gas through the pipelines which are directly laid from the natural gas fields.

In addition to this the natural gas well exploring companies have made use of the latest drilling technologies like the horizontal drilling techniques, to drill and pump out surplus natural-gas from the shale rocks within the earth’s crust. This would surely mean that these natural gas drilling companies will surely be in a position to satisfy the ever growing demand for natural-gas worldwide.

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